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There is something magical about entering the underwater world to explore and discover the infinite colors and nuances of submarine communities. On our trek to discover the best gone snorkeling vacations in the world, we soon discovered that not all coasts are equal. Water clarity, ocean depth and the strength of currents greatly affect the the visibility, coral reef colors, and the kinds of fish and marine life inhabiting an area.

Snorkeling Destinations and Resorts

The team at GoneSnorkeling.com is on a quest to experience the best gone snorkeling vacations in the world. For some of us, it's all about physical location; we'll go to destinations completely based on what awaits us in the water. For others, it's as much about the accommodations as the marine life; show me the best resorts!

Snorkeling Equipment and Gear

For all of us though, the best gone snorkeling vacations have one thing in common. They begin with a snorkel, a mask that fits well, and some fins to help you move smoothly through the water; high quality snorkeling equipment is a must. Pretty simple, really, but critical for a great experience.

Underwater Photography

If you're someone who likes to share your experiences with friends and family, there's good news for budding underwater photographers. The ease of digital cameras and simple housings have made underwater photography accessible to everyone making it easy to share your best gone snorkeling vacations when you get home. Jacques Cousteau made underwater photography an art form, pushing technology to keep up with his passion, so I guess we have him to thank for all the great tools we can to choose from now.

Snorkeling Travel Books

In our research, we've also discovered that there is a big difference between the information we find online and what we find in the bookstores. Often people online are promoting the "best snorkeling vacation" to put money in their pockets. Since we study online AND in the bookstores, we've decided to put up book reviews of the best travel books we run into.

Our passion with snorkeling is multi-faceted; we love to learn and we love to explore. So, check back often to see what we're discovering and please contact us to share your discoveries and let us know what you want to see more of here at GoneSnorkeling.com.

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