About GoneSnorkeling.com

Discover the most remarkable snorkeling destinations around the world! These hard-to-find spots are often remote shallow reefs off craggy rocks or locations accessible only by boat.

GoneSnorkeling.com is on a mission to fish out the explosion of color and marine life off the coast of every island and continent around the globe. And we'll give you a head's up for the best time to go there.

Snorkeling Gear

Snorkels, masks, and fins, the gear is pretty simple but in these times, you can imagine how high tech it's all become. We'll keep you posted on the newest and latest, including when and where it's needed.

Resorts and Tropical Vacations

Knowing a great vacation encompasses a range of adventures, from relaxation to radical exhilaration, we'll also reveal exotic resort locations and wild adventure opportunities as we find them.

Underwater Photo Gallery

For our underwater photographers, we are creating an online photo community where we'll vote monthly for the best and the worst and maybe even give prizes. Yeah, let's do that! Prizes are fun!

Let Us Know

Keep coming back, tell your friends, and email our webmaster to ask questions, to tell us what you'd like to find here, and to request gear and resort reviews. This site is all about serving the needs of our fellow underwater explorers.

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