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Marine Adventures and Tropical Vacations

Marine Adventures and Wildlife

This area of is dedicated to the fabulous adventures that have already been taken by fellow snorkelers around the world. Hopefully they will inspire you to go out and create adventures of your own!

Little Palm Island, South Florida Keys (1:44)

Peanut Island Park, Southeast Florida (6:17)

Wild Baby Sea Otter's First Swim (4:33)

Life Changing Experience with a Baby Sea Lion (6:10)

Marine Iguana - Yikes! (1:46)

Swim with Manatees (3:33)

Jill Heinerth: The Mysterious World of Underwater Caves (6:49)

Thomas Peschak: Dive into an ocean photographer's world (10:06)

Hawaii: Big Island Snorkeling and Marine Life (3:52)

Hawaii: Big Island Snorkeling (6:33)

Yellowstone National Park: How Wolves Changed the Rivers (4:33)

Tips For Beginners

Safe and Successful Snorkeling Tips (7:10)

Snorkeling Tips for Beginners (4:44)



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