Snorkeling Peter Island, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

What's so amazing about Peter Island?

Well, let's start with the fact the Conde West named it among the "Top 20 islands" in the world. Where else will you find a mile-long, perfectly shaped, white-powder crescent beach adorned with thatched huts and umbrellas? It is surely one of the most romantic getaways on the planet.


All 1,800 acres of the island are gently cared for by a staff that far outnumbers the guests. It's a place where you can easily begin to feel ownership as the tourists or 'non-guests' are carefully kept at bay. Even the waters surrounding the island are marked off with buoys to keep the beaches private. The lingering fragrance of lilies reminds you often that you are far away from the stresses of urban living.

It's the beaches that send most of us to the Caribbean, whether we're looking for opportunities to sit in the sand reading as we listen to the waves, to snorkel peacefully in the surf or to embrace the more robust activities of diving, jet-skiing, and boating. Well, Peter Island has it all, offering five beaches, each set apart from the other by their unique qualities and activities. One of the nicest resorts you'll ever find is Peter Island Resort and Spa, with ocean view rooms, a garden, outdoor pool, spa treatments... the list goes one. Less expensive accommodations can be found in this area through the hotel search.

Where is Peter Island?

Peter Island is among the British Virgin Island archipelago positioned along the Sir Francis Drake Channel. It has some notoriety for being the largest privately owned island in the BVI. Getting to the island is a little challenging but every bit worth the trouble. It is a 45-minute boat ride from Tortola, 60 minutes from St. Thomas (available two days a week: Tuesdays and Saturdays), or on Thursdays, you can catch a 30-minute ride from Virgin Gorda.

Peter Island Snorkeling Destinations

The Wreck of the Rhone, made famous in the movie "The Deep," is one of the great adventures for snorkelers on Peter Island. The resort has boats and tours taking guests to the wreck location for snorkeling and diving. It's a lot of fun to float over the wreck and explore it from the surface of the water with your mask and fins.

Another great snorkeling spot is right on the island, White Bay, where you may discover endangered sea turtles as you explore the thriving coral reefs. You may also enjoy taking a boat to some of the neighboring islands like The Indians and Norman Island's The Caves to capture the sensational snorkeling you'll find there.


The restaurant, bar and pool look out towards Tortola and are right next-door to the marina. If you're looking for quiet, choose rooms farthest away from that area. They'll also give you the better views.

My preference are the 20 Beach Suites you'll find overlooking the near-by deserted islands, surrounded by beautifully manicured lawns and just a 5 minute walk away from the restaurant. You can also get there in a minute or so on the resort's shuttle.

Elegant Cuisine

What would an island vacation be if it didn't offer the best in dining ambiance, variety and flavor? You can mix it up to your heart's content with the two restaurants on Peter Island. The beachfront grill and the formal dining room create the choices you need to fit your mood.

The chef, Willo, has been creating masterpieces with Asian and Italian influences for 28 years on Peter Island. If you like lamb, you won't want to miss the lamb satays, basted with rum and grilled with pineapple. The coconut-lime sauce is a recipe I'm still trying to imitate! Alternatively, maybe you prefer fish. I can almost duplicate the marinade of the seared tuna, but somehow it all tastes so much better on the beach!

And What About the Spa?

This could be an article all it's own. There is so much to say about the building itself, it's unusual polygon architecture, the fabulous treatment rooms facing the bay, a message menu that won't quit, one-on-one yoga classes, and the choice to do an entire spa day including an elegant and beautifully served lunch.

Perhaps you'll choose the Cucumber-Aloe Sun Soother, a 45-minute treatment designed to re-hydrate your skin after a day in the sun. Or, if you work too hard like I do, you might go for 25 minutes of reflexology to get the energy flowing in your body, releasing blockages through the massaging of your hands and feet.

If you, like I am, are committed to snorkeling the best beaches of the world Peter Island is 'must do' on your list of places to visit. Nice, isn't it, that our quest to experience exotic marine life invites us to some of the world's best resorts, accommodations, dining, and spa experiences. Be sure and get back to us with your experiences when you've reached this incredible destination.

Happy Travels to You!


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