Snorkeling Maui: Land of Adventures

Sea Turtle Sticking Head Up from Water

Did you know the entire island of Manhattan could easily fit inside the crater of Holeakala? Not that we're shipping it there, but what a perspective! For centuries, the 3 a.m. ascent, in anticipation of the sunrise, to the top of the Holeakala volcano has topped the list of Maui activities as a 'must-do' for visitors the world around. Mark Twain called it "…the sublimest spectacle I have witnessed." (Be sure to call 808-877-5111 for a weather report before you get on your way.)

The island's best camping is found at the Haleakala National Park. With a three-night maximum, you might mix it up with stays at one or more of the posh resorts on Maui's beaches. Since 1946, the Hotel Hana Maui has retained its reputation as an exclusive hideaway. It is walking distance to Kaihalulu, the only volcanic red-sand beach in the pacific.

Maui Activities

If you can dream it, you can find and experience it in Maui. Lush hiking trails in the wooded highlands or along the lower edges of the waterfalls wrap you in the sweet perfume red ginger and tropical blossoms, dazzling your eyes with verdant greens, yellows, reds; colors you can't reproduce in printing or online. You just have to experience it! Surfing, hang gliding, fishing, jet skiing, scuba diving, golf, whale watching, swimming in the ocean or waterfall pools; the activities on Maui fit every personality, budget and adventure level.

Cruises, for dinner, sailing, whale watching or snorkeling tours, are the most popular activities people pay for on the island. With good reason too. The clear, placid waters surrounding Maui are unparalleled across the globe.


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