Snorkeling Mission Bay San Diego, Southern Coast California

San Diego Bay CaliforniaThe seventy miles of beaches along San Diego County's coastline offer incredible snorkeling adventures for beginners and for long-time snorkelers. Swim out a few feet from Mission Point Beach off Mission Boulevard, find an outcropping of rocks, and be amazed at the schools of Garibaldi, shrimp, perch, and giant sea bass which can grow up to eight feet in length. Look for the colorful coral plants and the octopuses, slugs, and spiny lobsters inches from your mask. The bright colored algae, in pink, purple, yellow, red, and blue, will delight even your grandpa. Sea lions, harbor seals, and yes, even a shark may be hanging around. Don't worry about the sharks though, as they are seven gill and soupfin, which typically look for smaller prey, and are rarely seen near the bay.

Two Bays

San Diego actually has two bays. San Diego Bay is South of Mission Bay, and while it includes the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge, it also has boat slips and heavier traffic with larger vessels. Mission Bay has designated swim areas where boats are not allowed, plus, Sea World, Ocean Beach Dog Beach, and Fiesta Island.

Resorts, Spas, and Camping

Mission Bay, San Diego has many excellent resorts and spas from which to choose, most of which are located at or near the water and offer all inclusive vacations. Here are a few to get your started with your search. Campland on the Bay is a fun place to stay with the family! With a fitness center, game room, free internet, a dog park, pools and jacuzzi, there's something for everyone! Campsites range from tents only to full hookups with water, electricity, and sewer. Read the details here...

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