Snorkeling Quiz

Take our snorkeling quiz to test your research skills. All correct answers can be found on this website.

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1) Which snorkeling destination is located in the Cayman Islands? (research)
 A) Sierra Maestra Range
 B) Bahia Honda State Park
 C) Santa Catalina Island
 D) Molokini Crater

2) Which snorkeling location is NOT in the waters of Florida? (research)
 A) Biscayne National Park
 B) Gulf Islands National Seashore
 C) Manatee Springs State Park
 D) Kona Coast State Park

3) Who was the pioneer of underwater photography? (research)
 A) Charlie Tuna
 B) Sponge Bob Square Pants
 C) Jacques Cousteau
 D) Jack Black

4) When an underwater photographer takes many shots, this is referred to as: (research)
 A) vantage point
 B) bracketing
 C) anchoring
 D) strobe

5) Steve Irwin was killed while snorkeling with a camera crew off Port Douglas, Australia by: (research)
 A) an eel
 B) a stingray
 C) a dolphin
 D) a shark

6) A Caribbean Coffee Polish is: (research)
 A) An extra-strong Caribbean Latte
 B) A technique for detailing your car
 C) A spa experience at Peter Island
 D) Dark brown furniture oil

7) What one thing below do Whales and Whale Sharks have in common? (research)
 A) They are both warm-blooded
 B) Their formidable size is upwards of 20 tons
 C) Both are air-breathing
 D) Each has a long horizontal tail which is moved up and down for propulsion


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